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About PSPA:

Independent Intapp Specialists

The Professional Services Partner Alliance (PSPA) works to more effectively connect law firms, accounting firms and capital markets firms with the best technology consultants and subject matter experts to address their Intapp project requirements and achieve even greater returns on their investments in Intapp cloud and on-premises software applications. 

For Professional Services Firms

Working with the right partners is critical to your Intapp project’s success. PSPA exists to help you connect with the best partners to address your specific needs.

Your success is our primary concern, which is why PSPA members will work jointly on engagements, in cases where project complexity, technical scope or geographic footprint would benefit from joint collaboration and integrated project management.

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For Service Providers

Membership is PSPA is open to qualified organizations interested in working collaboratively to benefit Intapp customers and partner ecosystem.. 

Focusing always on the best interest of clients, participants are encouraged to connect clients with peer services providers and engage in joint project work.

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Intapp Perspective

Independent. Approved.

“As multiple industries continue to adopt our professional services platform, we are pleased to see this collaboration among members of our partner community.

Aurora North Software and Wilson Legal Solutions are two of our premier certified implementation partners. 

We believe that this alliance can accelerate success for our mutual clients.”

Don Coleman, Intapp COO

Founding Members

Aurora North Software and Wilson Legal Solutions created PSPA to accelerate the growth of the entire Intapp ecosystem. While they have intersecting expertise in some areas, they also specialize in several unique domains. 

  • Aurora North excels in applying Intapp solutions in areas such as IP prosecution workflows, data and document integration, subject matter conflicts management, and information security.

  • Wilson Allen specializes in projects involving practice management systems like Elite 3E and Elite Enterprise, and implementing new Intapp offerings in categories including CRM, business development, experience management and pricing.

PSPA Insights

Member Perspectives


“The timing of this new alliance couldn’t be better. Intapp momentum continues to snowball and there's tremendous opportunity for the entire ecosystem to grow and evolve in a way that’s a clear ‘win-win’ for clients and partners alike.

When it comes to implementing new Intapp software products quickly, and enhancing return on existing investments, there isn’t a client challenge, requirement or scenario we’ve encountered that working together we can’t handle.

Or, to put it a bit more directly, when it comes to the Intapp services landscape, the bar has just raised."

Norm Mullock, Vice President, Strategy


“We looked to professional networks and membership organizations developed by law firms and accounting firms as a model for this alliance.

It’s all about matching the best expertise to serve specific client needs — much like our customers do for their own clients.

We’re making it simple to take advantage of ‘best-in-class,’ integrated consulting partners to more effectively navigate complex project challenges."

Brian Lynch, Director


“As independent management consulting and technology advisors for both law firms and corporate law departments, we see firsthand how the Intapp Professional Services Platform can deliver transformational change to the entire industry.

We are focused on driving operational efficiency and cost reduction alongside our clients.

And we welcome collaboration with the PSPA network to extend these opportunities, applying our business operations, process consulting and program/project management expertise to joint client engagements in ways that deliver meaningful impact and measurable results."

Dan Safran, President and CEO


“Over the last 20+ years, the Stickleback team has helped to drive the evolution and adoption of workflow and BPM platforms, specifically within the legal and financial services markets in the UK and Europe.

More recently, new solutions have presented new opportunities for customers and consultants, as Intapp has emerged as the new standard for professional services firms

We’re excited to join the PSPA as a founding member and look forward to working collaboratively with our industry partners to provide clients with a broad set of skilled resources to gain maximum benefit from their investment in the Intapp solutions portfolio."

Jon Summers, Director of Business Development


“Our team of specialists focuses on scoping and executing projects efficiently, so clients achieve the greatest return on their investments in Intapp information security, business intake, workflow and integration products.

Intapp has achieved a special place in the professional services technology landscape, and this unique collaborative initiative is just the latest example of how a clients-first philosophy and extensive partner support creates new opportunities for shared collaboration, success and growth."

Steve Surrette, President and CEO

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Member Expertise

Alliance members offer a wide range of Intapp and related experience and expertise. 

Area of Expertise
Intapp Business Acceptance (Intake, Conflicts, Terms) & Workflow
Cloud Migration

Intapp Intake

Intapp Conflicts

Consulting — Conflicts search / management best practices

Intapp Terms

Consulting — Intapp Business Acceptance
(e.g. Open) Assessments

Intapp  Core Portfolio
Cloud Migration

Intapp Time

Intapp Flow

Consulting — Flow CWID
(Collaborative Workflow and Integration Development)

Intapp Walls

Intapp Integrate

Consulting — Integrate CID
(Collaborative Integration Development)

Intapp Emerging Solutions
Intapp CRM (e.g. DealCloud)

Intapp Pricing

Intapp Experience

Related Consultant Specialties
Consultant Specialty

IP Prosecution Automation

PMS Migration
(e.g. Elite 3E)


Walls Implementation Automation

Process & Project Management

Vertical Industry Experience


Investment Banking

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